Trout Fishing Tips for Montauk

Montauk State Park’s premier attraction is fishing on the Current River for both rainbow and brown trout. For fishing the Current River there are three basic methods for catching trout; bait, spinning lures, and fly fishing. All tackle should be small including bait. This is especially true if the water is really clear. If you have any questions, our experts in the tackle shop can help you make choices based on current conditions. Some of the conditions include cloud cover, temperature, water clarity, and seasonal insect hatches.

A great tip offered by an experienced guide is to keep your lures out of the trees. This is important because fish don’t grow on trees. The tackle shop inside the Dorman L. Steelman Lodge at Montauk Resort maintains a full selection of tackle that accommodates all these conditions. Fish are not as dumb as we would like to think they are. If fly, spinner or bait doesn’t look, act or taste like the real thing, the fish probably won’t give it the time of day. Make sure your hooks are sharp, your jig rust free, and your line new and flawless. By using good equipment you will have fewer stories about the “big ones lost” and more fish fillets which make the entire fishing experience more enjoyable.

The best advice an experienced fishing guide offers is to be observant and quiet. Quiet so not to scare the fish away and observant of other Anglers. If someone is catching a lot of fish pay attention. Note what they are doing and pick up the subtleties, and try to incorporate them into your own fishing. When they are done fishing for the day ask them questions, offer them a beer and pick their brains. There is nothing better than to make a friend who appreciates fishing as much as you do. The best advice we could ever impart is to be patient and have fun.

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